Edward Karram

Edward Karram, Life Insurance Trainer, Helps Financial Advisors Master Their Approach to Procuring Clients

Edward Karram is the Founder of SELL-U, the #1 life insurance training program in the country that takes agents through the finer points of insurance fundamentals, telemarketing, and social media. He has helped thousands of registered agents develop and own a successful book of business. Drawing from a wealth of experience, the businessman also provides personal mentorship to financial advisors to help them master their craft.

Edward Karram

When it comes to the financial realm, Karram is no stranger to challenges. The entrepreneur had no mentorship to rely on when he first started in the industry, leading him to burn through three IMOs in the span of 12 months. Today, he’s eager to help advisors put their best foot forward by empowering them with the kind of knowledge he didn’t have access to at the time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the number of jobs in this realm was over 270,000 in 2018 and this is set to rise by 7% in the next 10 years; which is faster than the average. Clearly, this profession has experienced a welcome surge in recent times. According to Karram, mastering this field takes some doing, and isn’t without its fair share of hurdles.

“In the world of finance,” Edward Karram says, “relations are the pulsing lifeforce in the equation. The first step? Define your key market. Rarely do advisors bother to perform this vital step, rendering it nearly impossible to tailor their market message.”

He continues, “I’ve seen so many people that respond with ‘I cater to high-net-worth individuals,’ or ‘I work with wealthy families.'”

“That isn’t defined enough,” the businessman points out. “It isn’t always easy to pinpoint high-income people as this isn’t typically the kind of information disclosed. A better approach would be to focus on a niche like the IT sector or reach out to the alumni of your alma mater.”

The businessman goes on to say that this helps connect with prospects better, not to mention catering to a certain niche generates more referrals.

When it comes to financial advisors, per Karram, bedside manner is key.

“Clients may feel apprehensive when it comes to money matters, and understandably so,” Karram reveals. “Especially when the market is volatile or there’s a stressful life event occurring, clients need someone who is easy to confide in, someone who listens more than talks, and someone who isn’t focused on the hard sell. Be that person for them!”

In this sector, people are most afraid of the complexities involved, according to Edward Karram. He cites a simple example.

“In an attempt to wow their clients, there are so many advisors that use complex jargon in the hopes that clients will be confident that they know their stuff. In reality, all clients want to do is understand what the product is and how it will make their life easier.”

The businessman strongly urges advisors to present their pitch in a conversational, easy-to-grasp manner and refrain from unnecessary charts and graphs.

“It’s easy to toss out long-winded pitches. It takes a true virtuoso to demystify the financial process,” Edward Karram finishes.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Having witnessed first-hand the absence of quality training in the industry, the entrepreneur created SELL-U; a training program that helps life insurance agents learn the tricks of the trade, enhance their book of business and access clients on demand.

The businessman recognizes that the competition in the world of finance is stifling. With personal mentorship from Karram, agents get the inside take on how to get ahead in the business and stay there. To date, Karram has helped thousands of agents and advisors across the nation to realize their true potential and generate a six-figure stream of income.

CEO of SELL-U, Edward Karram, Sheds Light on the Psychology of the Average Life Insurance Buyer

Edward Karram is a highly accomplished life insurance agent who has devoted his time to mastering the art of the business and now earns a seven-figure income. Eager to share the wealth, he founded SELL-U; a training program, quite unlike any other in the country, aimed at walking registered agents through insurance fundamentals, marketing, branding, and social media.

To date, Karram has trained over 1,000 agents to access quality leads and 10x their book of business.

For the businessman, completing a life insurance sale is more than just sounding off from a script. It requires nuance and a deeper understanding of the individual’s journey from prospect to customer.

“Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?” the businessman questions. “It provides a basic representation of human needs from physiological to self-actualization. These largely dictate human behavior. The need for the kind of safety and security that insurance provides typically arises when the physiological needs have been met.” Karram continues, “Income plays a large role in this equation.”

Edward Karram makes an excellent point. Research has shown that one of the most popular approaches to purchasing insurance is income replacement. With this approach, a formula of anything between five to ten times a person’s salary is used to calculate the amount of coverage people ought to invest in.

In some cases, insurance can be tied to the top tier of the pyramid, viz. self-actualization. If an individual is concerned with the legacy they leave behind, life insurance will follow in the footsteps of self-actualization rather than physiological needs.”

Another thing to consider, per the businessman, life insurance is, by and large, an emotional purchase. Most people don’t feel obligated to put down their money on coverage unless they experience the personal loss of someone close to them.

So what are his tips for closing a sale? “For starters,” Edward Karram explains, “build value that goes far beyond the price. Determine what is valuable to your prospect. Is it their family, happiness, peace of mind, their assets?

Karram continues, “Once you figure that out, weave that into your pitch. You could touch upon the adverse effects of losing control of their assets, the pride involved in taking care of family, etc. These psychological hacks might seem manipulative, but they’re essential in putting things into perspective for the prospect.”

While most salespeople don’t consider this, suspicion is a huge part of a life insurance transaction. Edward Karram provides an interesting insight.

“When it comes to large investments, people are naturally suspicious,” Karram says. “So when you’re pitching a new product, the prospect’s mind is attempting a few gymnastics, mentally calculating the risks.”

Your job? “Provide stories of past clients, families, and friends that have invested in the same coverage for the better,” Karram advises. “Cite data from reputable sources and furnish testimonials if you must.”

The life insurance agent acknowledges that fostering trust within the span of a phone call is not an easy thing to do, rather it’s a skill gleaned through trial and error.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Karram stumbled into the financial sector with very little guidance and, within the first 12 months, had already gone through three different IMOs. The entrepreneur realized that there was an abysmal lack of quality training in this industry, prompting him to create SELL-U: an effective training platform for agents to learn about all aspects of the life insurance business.

Agents receive professional instruction from the top leaders in the industry including personal mentorship from Edward Karram himself. The program empowers agents to elevate their online presence and access valuable leads on demand.

Business Coach, Edward Karram, Reveals How to Get Millennials Excited About Life Insurance

Edward Karram is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U, a one-of-a-kind life insurance training platform that helps registered agents master the art of business, marketing, branding, and social media, opening the floodgates for 24/7 on-demand leads. With personal guidance from Karram, agents are able to strategize a unique business plan and make a seven-figure income!

Today, Karram touches on a subject that has gained attention recently; millennials and life insurance! According to a Forbes study, only 10% of millennials, people born between 1981 and 1996, admit to having enough life insurance to cover self-reported needs should they die, leaving their families with the risks. The survey also revealed that millennials displayed a 78% shortfall in life insurance coverage.

For Edward Karram, the writing’s on the wall. “It’s not that 20-something-year-olds are unwilling to invest in insurance,” he says, “rather it’s about prioritization. Millennials would rather travel, indulge in fine dining or buy a car.”

Drawing from an impressive wealth of experience, Karram says, “GenYers face a unique set of financial challenges in this day and age. From staggering student debt to saving for a house – insurance tends to get relegated to the back burner.”

What is the entrepreneur’s advice for capturing that segment of the market? “Selling insurance to millennials calls for…creativity. You can’t bank on traditional techniques that worked for Baby Boomers and GenXers. Millennials grew up in a world marked by technology, the internet and of course, social media.”

Karram explains, “GenYers have come to expect a world that offers instant gratification with a click on their smartphones. Insurance offers no such reward. Because they’re young, millennials look at life insurance as something their parents invest in and not them.”

The solution? “Refrain from hard-selling,” Karram reveals. “Millennials love to collaborate, share information and access viral trends on social media. It stands to reason that you should take your business to where your audience lives.”

This statement holds true given that 86% of people, millennials included, perform life insurance-related research purely in the digital space.

“In fact,” Edward Karram continues, “Before putting their money down, millennials first look for good reviews online, backed by other people’s buying experiences. Moreover, they demand instant customer support, usually through social media.”

In the U.S. alone, 65% of GenYers begin their relationship with a brand online. Therefore, delivering value-added information and great support keeps them coming back for more.

The businessman also touches upon the fleeting sensibilities that millennials usually display. “You can lose their trust in an instant if you attempt to spin a mistake instead of owing up to it,” Karram states. “Things spread faster than wildfire on socials, added to that, millennials are ready to fact check anything. Rarely do they take things at face value.”

Karram’s advice? Present facts in a straightforward manner that makes them easy to grasp at a glance. Debunk misconceptions and keep your tone conversational and engaging. Humanize the brand, make your audience see that there’s a unique personality behind those services.

“Lastly, represent content that is crafted specifically for their needs,” Karram explains. “Millennials will find a way to get the information elsewhere if you don’t provide it. So don’t hold anything back. Remember, sharing builds trust; that’s your golden ticket.”

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Edward Karram is a seasoned entrepreneur, having successfully run construction firms, restaurants, and martial arts studios. In a bid to diversify his portfolio, he made a foray into the financial world, and hasn’t looked back since!

Realizing that most agents in the market today are milking the same tired leads without the right training, the businessman founded SELL-U; a unique program that teaches agents how to refine their techniques to selling life insurance.

Agents are exposed to top-quality training in mortgage protection, final expense, retirement planning and more. SELL-U connects agents with affiliate IMOs that own their own roster of top-level carrier contracts.

What’s next for Edward Karram? He plans to continue helping agents navigate the complexities of the insurance world, and build and own a valuable book of business.

Edward Karram Urges Life Insurance Agents to Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes

Edward Karram is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U; the #1 training program in the country for registered life insurance agents. It walks agents through all aspects of business, branding, marketing, and social media under the instruction of some of the greatest minds in the field, rivaling the quality of training one would receive at a Fortune 500 company.

With personal mentorship from Karram himself, agents are able to go from a six- to seven-figure income in as little as a year. The businessman has trained over 1000 agents to access quality leads on demand, 10x their book of business, and become veritable masters in the field.

Edward Karram stumbled into the financial sector with very little training or mentorship to turn to. Speaking from experience, he points out, “Many assume that when I talk about sales and product training, I mean ‘here take this agent guide and read it so you can understand the product,’ or sales training like, ‘here’s a script go out there and call me from the prospect’s home if you have any questions.”

Karram abhors these scattershot tactics and suggests that, if you want to be taken seriously, you’ve got to take yourself seriously first.

“Think about it,” Edward Karram adds, “Would you buy from someone who came into your home and, when you asked them a question, they told you to hold on for a while while they call their manager? Exactly.”

The entrepreneur stresses the importance of quality training. To him, the bedrock of your success as a life insurance agent is based on whether or not you are able to interpret your prospects’ needs and make a strong connection to the product you have to sell. If you are, then the ensuing relationship will spell success.

“Another factor that agents overlook,” Edward Karram continues, “is listening. As overly simplistic as that sounds, many agents forget that to close the sale, you must be an empathetic listener. I’ve seen agents that are so eager to sound off from their pre-rehearsed script, they barely acknowledge the actual needs of the person they’re trying to sell to.”

His advice? Remember that you have one mouth and two ears for a reason. Steer clear of aggressive sales tactics and, in lieu of that, let the prospect do most of the talking. As great as your product is, remind yourself that every client comes with their own set of concerns.

“Try to understand which concerns are at the forefront. That affords an automatic doorway to offering the best solution,” says Edward Karram.

“Learn how to ask the right kind of questions,” Karram continues, picking up from the previous point. “‘Why’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘how’, are great open-ended questions, but don’t be afraid to mix these up. You’ll never learn more about the prospect’s needs and objections if you don’t dig a little deeper; whether that’s clarifying a point, asking follow-up questions or redirecting the conversation should it get derailed.”

The businessman adds that these are tricky skills to master and come with time.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Realizing that there was an abysmal lack of quality training in the field, Edward Karram founded SELL-U. The platform offers classroom workshops, webinars and even one-on-one training sessions that are designed to sharpen the agent’s skills and help them take their business to the next level.

SELL-U covers relevant, up-to-date and effective tactics; providing high-quality leads in mortgage protection, final expense, and retirement planning. The platform connects agents with affiliate IMOs that own top-level carrier contracts.

The result? Agents are able to generate clients on-demand, access fresh and untapped leads and, through strategy consultations with Edward Karram, take their book of business to staggering new heights.

Edward Karram, Founder of SELL-U, Helps Life Insurance Agents Maximize Their Profits in 2019

Edward Karram has taken the corporate world by storm. As an entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach, he has successfully run restaurants, construction companies, and martial arts studios. Eager to explore new opportunities, Karram stumbled into the financial realm and it was here that he found his true calling.

Today, Karram is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U; a step-by-step training program that walks registered life insurance agents through all aspects of business, sales training and social media. With personal mentorship from Edward Karram himself, agents are able to grow their business and earn a seven-figure income. To date, the entrepreneur has helped over 1,000 agents reach their true potential.

Edward Karram recognizes that novice (and even seasoned) insurance agents find prospecting quite a challenge. The businessman has some words of wisdom in this regard.

“It’s a great idea to try and diversify your lead generation strategy, especially when just starting out; direct requests, partnerships, referrals and even cold walking; a tactic where you drop by small businesses and promote your upcoming seminar. There’s strength in numbers, that is to say, the more tactics you use, the more leads you’ll acquire.”

Edward Karram is a strong proponent of social media. 10 years ago, agents didn’t rely on the internet to grow their business. Fast forward to today, every agent has their own website and competes for the same prospects. The question is; How do you get your website to rise above the others?

Per the entrepreneur, “For some, simply having a value proposition and contact information on the website does wonders. For most, providing relevant and engaging content draws in prospective leads to your website. Delivering value-added content also catches the attention of search engines – in a good way.”

What does Karram recommend in terms of content? “Agents need to be thoughtful and strategic with each post. Don’t simply focus on a hard sell, instead, give people something of value.”

According to Karram, industry-adjacent advice is a huge draw – immerse yourself in online discussions surrounding home maintenance, driving tips, safe cannabis usage, etc. Your demographic is looking up this content anyway, it never hurts to establish yourself as a trustworthy subject matter expert in their eyes.

More on Edward Karram and SELL-U

Facing numerous obstacles and powerful people who didn’t like his “tell it like it is” attitude, Karram managed to overcome all odds by building one of the fastest-growing training platforms in the country. SELL-U provides quality training to life insurance agents and teaches them how to access valuable leads.

Registered agents joining the program receive a white-label website, and a fully optimized Linked-In and Facebook page, so that when people look them up online, they’re impressed. Agents are exposed to top-quality training in mortgage protection, final expense, retirement planning and more.

The program shines a light on the branding and marketing aspects of life insurance as well. SELL-U connects them with affiliate IMOs that own top-level carrier contracts.

After going through systematic training modules and one-on-one consultations with Edward Karram, life insurance agents are able to grow from a six-figure income to a seven-figure income.

For Karram, the sky’s the limit. The entrepreneur continues to empower agents to master their field and own a wildly successful book of business.

Edward Karram Explains How to Run a Successful Life Insurance Business 100% On Social Media

Social media has completely changed the game for the 21st-century enterprise. Think about it; with just a single tweet, a brand in the U.S. can reach a customer in India; deliver meaningful messaging and hopefully, procure their business for life. A Shareaholic report revealed that social media is the number 1 source of website referral traffic.

Given that over 70% of people have at least one social media profile, it is one of the most powerful tools to tap into a huge portion of the target population with ease.

Edward Karram recognizes the value that this medium has for life insurance agents. So how do savvy agents build a great referral business on social networks? Here’s what he has to say;

Show Off Your Personality

Life insurance is a sizeable investment, why should people trust you?

As an agent, it’s important to divert from the hard sell and focus on making human connections with your customers. Per Edward Karram; Listen to what they have to say, address their concerns and, every now and then, provide inspirational and informative content that doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Talk about car safety tips, responsible cannabis usage, etc; solution-oriented content that users are seeking out anyway.

Twitter is big on polls. Start a poll with your audience, something like; For those who don’t own life insurance, “What’s holding you back? Option A: Too expensive, Option B: I don’t see the need, Option C: My boss has me covered, Option D: Other (Specify please!)

Edward Karram also urges to keep it conversational. This is also a great way to crowdsource answers. Once you establish a great rapport, it’s easy for people to look at you, not only as an industry expert but also as a real person that understands the real needs of the average consumer.

Find Out Where Your Target Market Lives

Ask yourself two questions:

“Who is my current demographic?”

“Who do I want my future clients to be?”

Says Edward Karram, “In today’s world, if you do not exist online and on social media, you do not exist.” Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the best platforms for agents to elevate their branding efforts.

Learn the rules, behaviors, and etiquette of each before you narrow down to two core media. It’s important to experiment initially and find out which best suits your value proposition and where you aim to take your business in the future.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

With an oversaturation of businesses in this realm, posting every so often just doesn’t make the cut. People have split-second attention spans and if you don’t capture their interest on an on-going basis, they move on to to the next shiny object.

Any good business strategy has a certain time threshold after which you start seeing the fruits of your labor. Edward Karram reminds agents that patience is key. Post consistently so that your audience comes to expect content from you at certain days or times.

Learning is Lifelong, Embrace That

Life insurance agents can never know too much. Edward Karram is the founder of a novel agent training platform called SELL-U. It offers in-depth modules for licensed agents and takes them through all aspects of business fundamentals, telemarketing, online branding and more.

Moreover, agents learn how to use strategic and savvy social media tactics to increase referrals and tap into new leads. With professional instruction from people who earn a 7-figure income in the business, agents are groomed to become masters in their field.

4 Proven Secrets to Earning a Six-Figure Income as a Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance is a cut-throat business. This begs the question; Why is it that some people are able to make a six-figure income while others are, well, hanging on for dear life? Edward Karram has the answer. According to the business coach and Founder of SELL-U, “It has very little to do with the leads, IMOs or connections, and everything to do with…You.”

Even Life Insurance Agents Need a Lifeline

When Edward Karram joined his first Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO), he had no mentorship to look to. He went through 3 different IMOs in the first 12 months and realized that agencies are hyper-focused on recruitment and not on empowerment.

Having had enough, Karram decided to take matters into his own hands. The entrepreneur founded SELL-U; a one-of-a-kind training, marketing, coaching, branding and lead generation platform in the U.S. Here are his 4 tips for a successful online career in life insurance.

1. Say Your Piece on Social Media

We live in a world that takes its cues from the internet. Savvy insurance agents tap into the power of social media marketing to boost their referrals.

Karram encourages that it’s important to be strategic and thoughtful with every post. For example, agents can post about industry-adjacent topics like car safety tips or home maintenance; things that their demographic would be interested in, namely, solution-based content.

Rubbing shoulders with industry-experts and like-minded agents online can help build a funnel to generate clients on-demand 24/7.

2. Access Quality Lead Generation Systems

“Milking the same tired leads within an inch of their life is pointless and a waste of time,” says Edward Karram.

To be a lucrative life insurance agent, you have to bank on proven lead generation systems. Start by focusing on specific niches to get leads quicker. In the realm of life insurance, for example, one niche could be aimed at getting cannabis users to invest in coverage.

When agents augment this with PPC or Facebook ads, they are able to get their website to rank much higher on Google.

3. Polish Your Phone Script

Have you made dozens of cold calls only to be hung up on…over and over again?

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Edward Karram strongly endorses the power of making a convincing pitch and also knowing how to squash any objection that gets thrown at you. Perhaps, one glaring mistake that agents make is adopting a bland tone, eager to sound off from the script they’ve painstakingly rehearsed.

The best practices for cold calling? Maintain an upbeat tone, don’t be afraid to ask probing questions when the opportunity arises, stay focused and get people to talk about themselves.

4. Undergo Meaningful Sales and Marketing Training

There is a dearth of quality training in the life insurance business. Hopefuls are given scattershot materials and are expected to fend for themselves. Per Edward Karram, “Agents need a systematic process that enables them to become prepared for success.”

Apart from exposing agents to high-quality lead generation systems, Karram also says that they need effective telemarketing training on how to close a sale.

SELL-U: An Agent’s Path to Success

And that’s where SELL-U comes into the equation. When registered agents join the program, they receive a white-label website, and a fully optimized Linked-In and Facebook page, so that when people look them up online, they’re impressed.

The program imparts business fundamentals, sales training, and marketing and branding techniques. SELL-U connects agents with affiliate IMOs that have top-level carrier contracts, where they get to own their book of business.

And the best part? Candidates receive one-on-one strategic training from Edward Karram who is himself a 7 figure earner and has trained over 1000 agents to become masters in their field.