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Edward Karram Reveals the Key Skills Needed to Make it Big in the Life Insurance Business

As a life insurance trainer, entrepreneur, and business coach, Edward Karram has created massive ripples in the corporate world. The Founder and CEO of SELL-U has crafted an entire career training registered life insurance agents in business fundamentals, sales, marketing, and lead generation. After being put through their paces under Karram’s mentorship, over 1,000 agents from all over the country […]

SELL-U Founder, Edward Karram, Shares Insights on Prospecting For Mortgage Protection Insurance

As an accomplished business advisor and entrepreneur, Edward Karram has had a very impressive career trajectory. His financial acumen led him to create SELL-U, an effective insurance training platform that lets registered agents hone their skills in final expense, mortgage protection, retirement planning and more. Under Karram’s counseling, agents are able to enhance their prospecting skills and create a […]

Edward Karram Talks About Independent vs Captive Life Insurance Agents and the Future of IMOs

Edward Karram is a renowned public speaker, entrepreneur, and business coach, and has used his uncompromising ambition to transform the insurance landscape. Having successfully run construction companies and martial arts studios, the businessman has curated quite the resume. He is the mastermind of SELL-U, the #1 life insurance training platform in the country that instills up-to-date techniques […]

Edward Karram Teaches Life Insurance Agents How to Keep the Pressure of Closing a Sale From Getting to Them

Founder and CEO of SELL-U, Edward Karram, is a compelling force in the financial realm. After owning and operating a slew of successful enterprises, Karram turned his talents to the life insurance business. The entrepreneur witnessed firsthand the lack of training during his time as a top producer and agency manager at 3 different IMOs. Eager […]

Businessman Edward Karram Talks About The Nuances of Selling Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance

Edward Karram is an entrepreneur from Alpharetta, Georgia, having owned and operated restaurants, martial arts studios, and construction companies, and curating a very impressive resume. He is the Founder and CEO of SELL-U, the fastest-growing life insurance training program in the country. Under his mentorship, registered agents are taken through the intricacies of business fundamentals, sales, […]

SELL-U Founder, Edward Karram, Explains How to Perfect a Life Insurance Sales Pitch

Edward Karram is an entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach based in Alpharetta, GA. Entering the financial world and witnessing the lack of quality training therein, Karram put his shoulder to the wheel to create one of the fastest-growing life insurance training platforms in the country. SELL-U takes registered agents and financial advisors through the fundamentals of […]

Edward Karram, Life Insurance Trainer, Helps Financial Advisors Master Their Approach to Procuring Clients

Edward Karram is the Founder of SELL-U, the #1 life insurance training program in the country that takes agents through the finer points of insurance fundamentals, telemarketing, and social media. He has helped thousands of registered agents develop and own a successful book of business. Drawing from a wealth of experience, the businessman also provides personal mentorship […]